Sony’s Bolt-On Smartphone Cameras Leak Entirely On Amazon

The weird and possibly wonderful QX10 and QX100 leaked via Amazon long before Sony has had a chance to launch them properly.

Sony’s Bolt-On Smartphone Cameras Leak Entirely On Amazon

You may think Apple’s iPhone 5C has been a leaky roll-out thus far, but Sony’s QX 10 and QX100 smartphone accessories may be one of the most leaky product launches in recent memory. After images and video of the devices hit the web, now Amazon has revealed every single spec before Sony’s officially revealed the things. And what odd smartphone photography peripherals they are, too. Though we only got a brief look at them, because Amazon has taken the pages down already.

The two gadgets are a novel attempt to solve the problem of poor image quality of smartphone cameras. There’s a lot of clever thinking in this space, of course, and the 8-plus megapixel units on today’s phones are infinitely better than earlier attempts. Nokia’s even tried to sell a whole range of phones based on some well-above-average camera tech. But there’s no getting over the fact that the physics of optics and image sensors mean a more traditional camera setup can still take better photos. And that’s what Sony’s devices are: They’re full-fledged digital cameras that use your phone as a display and control interface. Thanks to a wireless link, you can even disconnect the lens and the phone to capture images from an odd angle at arm’s reach.

So, they’re innovative, but that means it may be a shame Sony didn’t get to surprise us with an innovative launch event to match.

[Image via Sony]

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