Give ‘Em A Break: KitKat (The Candy) Tries To Break Off A Piece Of That Android Buzz

Google has celebrated the naming of its next edition of Android with the title “KitKat” with some cute graphics and a giant Android sculpture on its HQ lawn that, of course, has a chocolate brown body in the shape of the already famous Nestlé snack. But KitKat, the brand, is taking the no-fees-exchanged partnership a little further down the chocolate brown road into PR Oz… and has launched a whole website about the KitKat 4.4.

This effort, lest you find yourself confused, is an Android OS-themed promotion for the chocolate bar that portrays the sectional, crunchy candy as a sort-of-but-not-quite-exactly next generation smartphone. Or a smart chocolate bar. Or something.

But you don’t need to know that, right? Everyone knows KitKat, so this over-the-top PR grab could become just a bit embarrassing. No, not really. The brand has a long and proud heritage of some very lighthearted, funny and loveable advertising campaigns, including the one below. If anything, this tie-in with Google is something we could enjoy as an unusually, lateral-thinking (and perhaps highly innovative) move in an ad world that’s too often predictable. Besides, a cross-promotional opportunity like this is just too delicious to pass up.