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The Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Social With Path Integration

Popular apps adapt to a smaller screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Social With Path Integration

Samsung's worst-kept secret is here. The Galaxy Gear watch promises to keep users connected with a small wrist-worn computer—how better to do so than by integrating with social network Path?

Path was tapped as a launch partner after a successful implementation on Google Glass. "We've done a lot of work with Google Glass and really believe in the wearables space," Cynthia Samanian, product manager at Path, told Fast Company.

To accommodate the smaller screen, much consideration went into deciding which features should be included. With the Path app, Galaxy Gear wearers can take photos, check into locations, read messages, see notifications, and emote on moments. "Working with the new form factor and screen dimensions proved challenging, but we think the conscious decisions we made about what features to include will set Path apart," said Ray Ho, senior Android engineer at Path. The Galaxy Gear app is designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and can also use NFC to load Path on the phone if the app hasn't been installed on the device.

[Images: Path, Flickr user Sam Howzit]