• 09.13.13

This Pop-Up Repair Shop Shows That Not Everything Has To Be Thrown Away

This New York couple is challenging today’s throwaway culture with some handy work and ingenuity.

This Pop-Up Repair Shop Shows That Not Everything Has To Be Thrown Away
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These days, there are dozens of groups dedicated to repairing stuff, so it doesn’t just get thrown away. Fixing is the new making, and it’s about time. It’s ridiculous how wasteful we are.


Sandra Goldmark and her husband Michael Banta set up their Pop-Up Repair shop in north Manhattan earlier this summer. In a single month, they managed to repair an entire ton of stuff, spreading the word about fixing as they did so.

You can see more about the project below, which was funded through an Indiegogo campaign:

“We work in theater, and use our repair skills all the time in our work,” says Goldmark. “We wanted to take what we do for theater and apply it to what we see as one of the most pressing problems our culture faces right now–the abuse and overuse of our resources and our environment.”

She adds: “This seemed like one way to begin to help people who are looking for alternatives to throwaway culture, and also to spark a larger conversation about our habits of consumption.”

Goldmark says the couple is planning another pop-up next June (venue still to be decided), and perhaps another three after that. “We are actively looking for communities that are interested in having us appear there, as community involvement is a key part of the project.”

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