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Now You Can Make Your Tweets Self-Destruct

Spirit, a Twitter app created by a former Twitter employee, lets you create tweets that self-destruct after a certain period of time.

Now You Can Make Your Tweets Self-Destruct

If plugged-in life has taught us anything, it's that no tweet goes unnoticed. That is, unless you program your tweets to self-destruct.

Pierre Legrain, a former Twitter employee, has created Spirit, an app that lets you do just that. Think of it as a Snapchat for tweets.

Once you authorize Spirit to access your Twitter account, you can use hashtags to specify how long you want a tweet to stay live before self-destructing (a tweet using the #3m hashtag, for example, would disappear in three minutes).

One demographic that might not be too happy about an app that lets users set their tweets to disappear forever: Twitter's advertisers. After all, it's hard to clearly measure the impact of, say, a Promoted Tweet if the retweets it garners no longer exist.

[Image: Flickr user Matt McGee]