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Hashtags Make Your Facebook Posts Less Likely To Go Viral

The Facebook analytics firm EdgeRank Checker has published the results of a new study that finds posts including hashtags are actually less likely to go viral or engage fans than their hashtag-less counterparts.

Facebook's recent new features have been taking some clear cues from Twitter, no doubt making many marketers happy: Sponsored posts! Hashtags! Trending topics! All provide more ways to get your content in front of more people.

But are they actually effective at attracting more eyeballs? With hashtags in particular, the assumption is people will click through to discover more related content. Not really, says a new study from Facebook analytics firm EdgeRank Checker, which found Facebook posts with hashtags are actually less likely to go viral than those without hashtags. EdgeRank Checker also found hashtagged Facebook posts were less effective at engaging fans and had lower organic reach than their hashtag-free counterparts.

EdgeRank Checker's findings on Twitter hashtags, on the other hand, showed tweets with hashtags had roughly double the likelihood of being retweeted than tweets without them.

Read the full EdgeRank Checker report here.

[Image: Flickr user melenita2012]

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