Google’s Next Android OS Is Called KitKat… After The Candy

In a move that may have you facepalming in mild disbelief, Google has named its next Android mobile OS KitKat.

Google’s Next Android OS Is Called KitKat… After The Candy

The ongoing Great Tech War between Apple, Google, and Amazon has taken some weird and wonderful twists as each company vies for success over its rivals. But few of the developments have been as instantly odd as the new name for the next-gen Android mobile OS. It’s named for Nestlé’s chocolate bar KitKat.

Yes. Really.

We’ve liked Android‘s cheerful naming system thus far, delighting that Android Jelly Bean and Honeycomb and Eclair were as much used in the press as the far drier and more traditionally nerdy “Android 4.1,” “Android 3.0,” and “Android 2.0” names. It’s even cute that the system was intended as an internal codename until it caught the public’s imagination, no doubt fueled by Google’s installation of giant colorful sculptures of the sweet items on its campus. We were even able to tolerate the finger-tiring codename of Androids 4.0 to 4.0.4 because Ice Cream Sandwiches are so nice.

Nestlé and Google have confirmed that no one is paying the other for the brand name, but that does mean the codename will be an almost effortless PR explosion for the candy bar. To celebrate the news, Nestlé will sell about 50 million specially branded bars in 19 nations. So that’s nice for Nestlé, which has earned quite a lot of brand damage through the years.

But honestly Google, KitKat? Will the phones come with suitably chocolate-brown screensaver options? The handy snap-into-chunks design of the famous chocolate bar now represented in phone form is a giant reminder that the entire Android mobile OS is drastically fragmented.

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