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KFC Starts Selling Deep-Fried Soup

Mmm-hmm, that ol' southern-fried soup.

KFC Starts Selling Deep-Fried Soup

There's no other way to break it to you: This Thursday, KFC stores in Japan will start offering deep-fried soup for a limited time.

The battered bites of creamy corn porridge (aka potage) will reportedly remain soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. And yes, the Colonel includes whole kernels.

According to the blog RocketNews24, there is, improbably, a link to one of KFC's original recipes: "The Colonel’s autobiography contains a recipe for potato bacon fritters, which KFC Japan started from and tweaked in developing its corn potage variant."

Japan's 1,167 KFC stores are a bit different from those in the U.S., featuring more dark meat along with soy, sesame, and yuzu flavors. But in the age of the rival Yum Brands juggernaut that is the Fiery Doritos Tacos Loco, surely it's only a matter of time before crunchy soup nuggets bob across the ocean. Brace yourself.

[Image: Flickr user El Gran Dee, KFC Japan]