What Counting Diamonds And Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki About How To Enchant Customers

With followers numbering in the millions, a new role as an adviser to Motorola, and a popular book about Google+, it can be hard to believe that Guy Kawasaki’s career didn’t begin in tech.

But before he took a gig at Apple, Kawasaki worked for a fine jewelry manufacturer while pursuing an MBA at UCLA. Now he credits his experience counting diamonds at Nova Stylings for teaching him how to sell, a theme he weaves through his many books and keynote speeches.

When he did move on to the technology world, evangelizing Macintosh at Apple, he was one of a small group of people who worked directly for Steve Jobs. During our interview, Kawasaki describes how Jobs’s managerial style, despite often being harsh, was actually quite effective.

He also shares how he finds balance at home, dividing his time between his hectic travel schedule and his family. And, related: He tells us why young entrepreneurs make the best startup founders.