19 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This Week

These are some of the people whose tweets got our digital news editor’s attention during the past week.

19 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This Week

Twitter featured a lot of smart commentary and information this past week, so it was hard for me to curate a limited list of the tweets that caught my attention–I definitely could have made this list longer. Below, I’ve listed a few of the people I think produced some of the week’s most interesting Twitter feeds. I may not always agree with these people–but whether they made me laugh, made me angry, or made me depressed, they definitely got me thinking. All of them are worth a follow.


As the possibility of U.S. military strikes in Syria grew, Princeton professor Imani Perry shared her concerns about what Americans were really talking about:

While the world became more convinced that Assad’s regime deployed chemical weapons against his citizens, The Independent‘s Richard Hall weighed in about how long it took the West to get this close to an intervention in Syria:

Libertarian activist Jayel Aheram took a cynical view:


The writer Joyce Carol Oates offered her take:

Left-wing blogger and commentator Sunny Hundal on the media’s coverage of a possible intervention:

More criticism of the media from comedien Jamie Kilstein:


This tweet isn’t directly about the media, but it was the result of fierce online criticism of Fast Company–and out of that criticism #SmartBlackWomenOfTwitter, a savvy and successful social media response, was born. Despite the hashtag’s success, Aminatou Sow (founder of Tech LadyMafia) made a wry observation about the still-too-narrow limits of the technology behind those powerful tweets:

Entrepreneur Anil Dash took Y Combinator cofounder Paul Graham to task for Graham’s recent quote in Inc.: “One quality that’s a really bad indication is a CEO with a strong foreign accent”:

But venture capitalist Aziz Gilani took a different view:


Comedienne and writer Katie Halper on Joe Walsh’s “My Own Dream For America” address:

And MSNBC’s Jamil Smith critiqued President Obama’s March On Washington anniversary speech:

Business sage Nilofer Merchant shared her hopes and concerns on the march’s 50th anniversary as well:


In other news, the New York Times was hacked this week. Columnist Nick Bilton tweeted about the venerable paper’s digital takedown:

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal took down its paywall while its competitor’s website was under attack. A Guernica staffer cracked:

And this one’s from Ryan Teague Beckwith of Digital First Media:


AC360 and its partners did some great work this week on how little money donated to Kids Wish Network actually goes to dying children. I watched closely as Anderson Cooper called the organization out on Twitter (and eventually got a tweet back):

Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill took a swing at the new Twitter conversations feature:


I have found a lot of good things to read on longform writing platform Medium. But I have to use this post to tell you, Mystery Person Behind The False Medium Parody Twitter Account, that I scrolled through Medium today and often couldn’t tell the difference between real Medium headlines, and yours:

And finally, a lovely idea from the Guardian‘s New York City” bureau boss, as the world lost a great poet:

I’ve got to add an honorable mention, for his excellent curation skills: Dan Nguyen, head of data at Skift. His Twitter feed is like the Digg homepage–his account is full of smart, worth-it click bait.

These are just a few of the tweets that caught my attention this week. Who were the smartest people on Twitter this past week, according to you? Tell me in the comments section below, please, so I can follow them, too.


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