Your Essential Back-To-School Creative Refresher

Everyone knows that the day after Labor Day is the real calendrical reckoning.

New Year’s slightly sickening mix of existential panic and enforced frivolity ain’t got nothin’ on the feeling of gravity that’s carried on that first whiff of crisp air, when it’s back to school, back to real pants, and back to business.

So with that in mind and so that your creative edge doesn’t fade along with your tan, we present some of our most popular and inspirational posts from the last several months. all designed to kick-start your creative drive.

Whether you’re looking to finally finish that script or book or treatment or gag or Tumblr, take better photos, finally get that side project off the ground, or just dig in and attack your job anew, there’s plenty of ass-kicking insight here from the appropriate experts–all in the slide show above.

[Image: Flickr users Kevin Dooley, Brad Smith, Jim Pennucci, and Aleks Clark]TI