Will Google Glass Ever Look Good?

Dorky as it looks, it’s hard to say Google Glass remains on the periphery of the fashion world, especially not after it was featured prominently in the pages of the September issue of Vogue.

Google Glass isn’t even widely available for purchase yet, but many have asked: How long will it be before there’s a version that doesn’t make us cringe on sight? A Google+ post by Glass’s lead designer Isabelle Olsson published a few weeks ago could give us a clue. Olsson posted photos of Glass’s marketing manager, Amanda Rosenberg, sporting some inarguably stylish, custom-designed frames Olsson had made for her.

Last June, Olsson said the Glass team had collaborations with sunglasses, prescription glasses, and other forms in mind. Although we’ve heard rumors of a partnership between Google and Warby Parker, we have yet to see what that could look like.

In the meantime, both fashionable and aesthetically questionable Glass alternatives alike have been rapidly cropping up. From smart, waterproof goggles for swimmers to a budget-friendly $299 pair, check out some of the newest Glass alternatives in our slide show above.

[Images: Google]CC