Update Makes Conversations Easier to Follow on Twitter

Twitter has added an update to its browser version and iOS and Android apps that makes it easier to follow conversation threads that frequently stem from individual tweets. This will be a welcome addition for many users, who often use Twitter to engage in conversations with others on the platform, although there are some users who treat Twitter more like a broadcast channel from which they simply tweet out content without engaging with others (celebrities are a good example of “broadcast tweeters”).

Because Twitter imposes a 140-character limitation per tweet, conversations can often quickly comprise many exchanges of these short messages. Tweeters also often engage in discussions with separate groups of people that all stem from the same tweet, which can make separate conversations confusing to track. Plus, since Twitter’s stream adds new tweets as they’re created, trying to keep up with a particular conversation often means you’re reading backwards into your stream.

Now, tweets that belong to the same conversation will be displayed in chronological order in your home feed. If there are more than three tweets to a conversation, you’ll be able to tap to view all the replies, even from people you don’t follow, which is kind of exactly how Facebook treats its comment threads.

Twitter is also adding a feature that allows you to email whole conversations to others, who will be able to read complete threads even if they’re not on Twitter themselves.

Twitter says all changes start rolling out today.