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Twitter Is Hiring An Editor To Surface Vine's Best Content And Creators

The six-second video app is seeking an editor to curate and promote its best content and creators.

Vine recently announced that it hit 40 million users, and now parent company Twitter is hiring its first editor to work on the app, which lets you create six-second stop-motion videos.

According to the job posting, the Vine editor's primary responsibilities will be to discover and profile Vine's best content creators and find new outlets to share the videos. The concept is somewhat reminiscent of Tumblr's Storyboard project, which featured original editorial profiles of influential Tumblr community members, but folded earlier this year.

Vine and some outsiders seem to be showing interest in cultivating the app's version of the YouTube celebrity. Internet marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk recently announced he would be starting a talent agency just for budding Vine stars.

No doubt Vine's efforts to surface its community's content is at least in part an effort to give it an edge over Instagram's own short-form video feature.

[Image: Flickr user briantf]

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