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Shopify Bridges Online And Offline Shopping With Point-of-Sale Service

Taking care of operations, Shopify POS will let merchants focus on other aspects of running a business.

Shopify Bridges Online And Offline Shopping With Point-of-Sale Service

Known for helping businesses establish online stores, Shopify is bridging the gap between online and offline shopping with the launch of a point-of-sale service Wednesday.

Though Shopify POS competes against the likes of Square, Adam McNamara, vice president of product, tells Fast Company he believes Shopify's existing 65,000 merchants will see the value in having a single platform manage online and offline inventory, sales, and operations.

"What ends up happening when you take the pain away from merchants is they can focus on other things … and less of the day-to-day operations—stuff they don't want to be doing but have to," McNamara said. The new system also allows vendors to sell products online and have customers pick them up in store.

In addition to a hardware kit that includes a receipt printer, cash drawer, and credit-card reader, the Ottawa, Canada-based company also offers merchants analytics and reporting tools to track sales, customers, and visitors. Before green-lighting Shopify POS, the company tested the service for six months, seeing "several million dollars in sales in beta," McNamara added.

Point of sale is the latest offering that aims to streamline Shopify's services. Earlier this month, the company also integrated Shopify Payments into its platform, allowing merchants to accept credit cards without a third-party payments processor.

[Image: Shopify]