Imperial Stormtroopers Get A Paint Job In This Japanese Nissan Juke Campaign

Don’t ask why people are driving a car with wheels in a galaxy where even a crazy old man like Ben Kenobi can afford a hovercar–just be glad there’s no Jar Jar Binks.

One might think that individuality would be frowned-upon in the clone army of an evil empire bent on galactic domination, but any Imperial Stormtrooper tired of blending in with his (?) bright-white armor would have to admit: The Nissan Juke in purple, with orange accents and a silver sport stripe, is a pretty sweet-looking ride.


That’s the idea behind the Juke’s new campaign in Japan, anyway, which features Star Wars Stormtroopers who, upon recognizing the eye-catching nature of the Juke (seen in the 30-second spot in bright red and white), decide that it’s time to give the ol’ white plastoid suit a new paint job. As the Juke–apparently the favored ground transport on one of the dustier Imperial planets–zooms past a brigade of Stormtroopers, there’s a flash inspiration that you can almost see through their helmets and into their deadened, cloned eyes.

Okay, so it’s a bit of a silly mashup (although it’s unlikely to crack the top 20 weirdest Star Wars tie-ins–looking at you, life-sized R2D2 aquarium), but Nissan is clearly quite proud of it: In addition to the 30-second spot, there’s also a three-part web series that “coolly and excitingly tells the story of Stormtroopers’ encounter with Juke,” according to a Nissan press release. They’ve also created a simulator website where you can virtually customize a Juke in an assortment of colors–as well as its little Stormtrooper pal standing at the car’s side–and a contest that could award lucky fans their own customized Juke/set of Stormtrooper armor (seriously).

Star Wars has been synonymous with complicated marketing campaigns for a long time, and while this one’s perhaps a bit belabored, it’s also a fine tribute to that long history of selling rando products (anyone for a bowl of C3PO’s?) with the help of The Force.

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