Jairek Robbins Is On A Quest To Make Your Life Less Ordinary

As the son of one of the world’s biggest inspirational speakers, Jairek Robbins first walked across hot coals in his dad Tony’s arms when he was just three months old. He’s been inspired–and inspiring–practically ever since.

Jairek Robbins first walked across hot coals in his dad Tony’s arms when he was just three months old.


While the spotlight might cause some people to retreat, Jairek is destined to use his influence and expertise as a performance coach to give back to the causes he cares about most.

Today, the younger Robbins can be found on stage hosting lectures and workshops for business audiences small and large. His focus remains simple, helping each client turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. What sets him apart from others in a crowded sea of professional presenters is his undeniable hustle, his passion for excellence, and his pay-it-forward attitude.

Just take a look at Jairek’s online marketing efforts to get a sense of his dedication to making a name for himself and helping others. From YouTube to TwitterLinkedIn to Lift and beyond, he is using more than a handful of social media services around the clock to grow his personal brand, learning to do everything himself, from editing online videos to tweeting up a storm. As for sleep? Seems unlikely that he gets much.

When Jairek was 23 years old he received the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the U.S. Congress. Five years later, he can now be found traveling the globe as an in-demand keynote speaker. He supports a number of charities and nonprofits, such as the Student Partnership World-Wide (helping young people address urgent issues, including the education and the environment) and the Just Like My Child Foundation (empowering women and children through better health care, education, and microfinancing). He describes his involvement in causes such as these as “an opportunity to reexamine how we have all been playing the game of life so far and as an opportunity to step up and realign, reignite, and reapply all of who we are.”

During our Skype interview, he shares what he learned on a trip to Uganda that changed his life, how he helps clients get business results, and the three people who inspire him to do better.

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