See Just How Much You Look Like Your Father In This Stunning Photo Series

The old line goes, “If you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in 25 years, look at her mom.” That’s clearly true for guys and their fathers, too, as U.K. photographer Craig Gibson elegantly demonstrates in his series “Boys and their Fathers.”

The images are a series of portraits of men posed identically to their sons, as well as a composite image that Gibson created that matches the two men’s features: the eyes, nose, and mouth match up nearly identically in all of them.

Gibson says that his inspiration for pursuing the series was the similarities he identified between himself and his own father. “That’s what really got the project started,” he says–and led him to reach out to the subjects.

“The subjects are friends of mine,” Gibson tells Fast Co.Create. “A lot of them found it to be interesting, and there’s obviously some humor and curiosity in the process. A few of them are photographers as well, so they were keen to see the outcomes.”

Those outcomes make for a fascinating series that’ll probably leave you wishing someone would show up and do the same thing for you and your parent. See some of the photos in the slide show above.

See the entire series, and more of Gibson’s portfolio, at his website.