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Latest Round Of Funding Pushes Uber's Valuation To $3.5 Billion

Uber reportedly raised $350 million from TPG, Benchmark Capital, and Google Ventures.

With a new $350 million round of funding under its belt, Uber now sports a valuation of about $3.5 billion.

First reported by AllThingsD, an Aug. 1 filing with the SEC reveals the company sold shares of preferred stock to investors totaling more than $100 million. Google Ventures, which was not named in the filing, has also reportedly invested about $250 million for 1.8 million C-1 shares, according to AllThingsD. An Uber spokesman declined to comment on the company's funding and valuation.

Private equity firm TPG bought 775,092 shares of Series C-2 stock at $114.03. In addition, Benchmark Capital, an existing investor, bought 105,234 shares of Series C-1 stock at $142.54. Uber now has a presence in 41 cities in 16 countries, most recently expanding to China.

[Image: Flickr user masterplaan]

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