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Where Are They Now?

Ads On Facebook Are About To Get More Attractive

A clever deal between the social network and one of the leading online stock photo libraries means more choice of images and less hassle creating ads for small businesses. Which should mean more money from advertising for Facebook.

Ads On Facebook Are About To Get More Attractive

Facebook has announced a partnership with stock photo agency Shutterstock. The deal means that small business advertisements on the social network could become a lot more attractive—and marketeers who use a lot of images can use the Shutterstock library and avoid the rigmarole of uploading stacks and stacks of pictures.

On a blog post entitled "Big Updates For Small Businesses," the social network said this:

"In the coming weeks, marketers will have access to millions of images from the Shutterstock library — at no additional cost. Shutterstock's images are commercially licensed and available for use in all Facebook ad formats. Thanks to Shutterstock’s API and search capabilities, these images will be fully searchable and accessible directly within Facebook's ad creation tool."

The deal is a good one for both parties. Shutterstock will get more revenue from the deal, and Facebook's revenue should go up, as smaller outfits with a presence on the social network spend more on advertising.

[Image: Flickr user SodanieChea]