The Free App Party Starts Now (And You’re Invited!)

In this, the third installment of Free App Friday, we’ve got you covered if you love music, interior design, or travel. Especially, if you love free stuff.


Quick question: Which of the following would you like to do over the weekend?


A) Learn a new language
B) Not get lost
C) Discover some awesome new music
D) All of the above (and maybe something more)

If you picked D (or any of the others), we’ve got you covered. Grab these free iOS and Android apps while they last. As always, they’re free now, but we can’t guarantee how long they’ll stay that way.

East Village Radio (iOS and Android)

East Village Radio is a live Internet radio station that operates out of a tiny storefront studio on 1st Avenue in New York City. They play some pretty great music, have a ton of shows (with names like “Infinite Eargasm”), and just released a free app! If you want a piece of the East Village (and the sounds that come with it), don’t miss out.

Duolingo (iOS and Android)


Got an extra hour in your day? Why not learn a language–for free. Duolingo currently offers lessons in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. When it’s this easy (and free) you don’t really have an excuse.

DynamicNotifications (Android)

DynamicNotifactions allows you to view important notifications when your screen is off. It’s simple, easy to use (based on the video below), and saves battery life.

Transit App (iOS and Android)

Getting lost sucks. Transit App fixes that problem in 43 U.S. cities, providing real-time schedules and itineraries for public transportation, and the four quickest ways to get you where you need to go.


Houzz Interior Design Ideas (iOS) and Android

Do you have trouble with interior design? You’re not alone. Houzz provides one of the largest collections of interior design ideas on the web where you can archive the collections that you like, get advice on your design dilemmas, and see what the leaders of the industry are interested in.

[Image: Instagram user Ameer1367]

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