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Meet Boxed, A Delivery Service For Wholesale Goods That's Like Costco On Wheels

Boxed, a mobile delivery service for wholesale goods founded by a former Zynga exec, is trying to bring bulk goods directly to your door.

It seems everyone from startups like Blue Apron to behemoths like Amazon are attempting to make online grocery deliveries mainstream.

Chieh Huang, Zynga's former director of mobile in New York, is trying to do the same for wholesale goods of the Costco and Sam's Club variety with Boxed, his new mobile delivery service for bulk items, which launches its iOS app today. (Android is coming next month.)

Boxed offers many of the same items you'd find at physical wholesale goods sellers in categories like Health and Beauty, Household, Grocery, and Kids and Diapers. The difference is Boxed brings those items to your door in two days or less, often with free shipping and without requiring a membership fee (Costco and Sam's Club memberships start at around $50 annually).

Boxed seems to be targeting the same kinds of shoppers who are suited for mobile grocery delivery services: college students without cars, working professionals who are short on time, busy new parents. It is initially targeting shoppers in Washington, D.C., and nine states along the East Coast, one pallet of toilet paper at a time.

[Image: Flickr user miamism]

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