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Telepathy, The Stylish Rival To Google Glass, Gets $5 Million Funding

A new startup effort is planning to move in on Google's turf even before the fabled Glass device is really mainstream.

Telepathy, The Stylish Rival To Google Glass, Gets $5 Million Funding

A startup has raised $5 million in its first round of funding to create a piece of wearable tech that, if you believe its makers' promises, may ultimately surpass Google Glass in scope.

The Telepathy One headset was revealed a little earlier in the year, and according to CNet, the eponymous company behind it has very big ambitions. The goal, according to CEO Takahito Iguchi, is that the augmented reality headset will let you "wear your love" because it can permit a real-time stream of your view to a loved one who's also sporting a Telepathy device, while you get to see their comments in feedback. Technically speaking the device sounds a lot like Google Glass, being head-worn and projecting a tiny augmented data image into the field of vision of the wearer. It'll also stream and capture photos and video but mainly its design appeal is its much more subtle appearance—which would certainly intrude less into the life of the wearer, and passersby, than Google Glass will.

The device was described by CNet as a little wobbly and basic in its prototype form, and the company suggested that app support would be very tightly controlled, with third-party apps possibly held over until the Telepathy Two device. It can be assumed that the new $5 million in cash may help the company solve some of these problems (by hiring new staff, according to its press release), and bring it to market in 2014. It's not going to be alone, though, with other efforts like GlassUp also on the way.