Spotify Wants You To “Follow” Your Favorite Brands

Yes, we said “brands,” not “bands.” Spotify is in talks to bring the “follow” feature it offers artists, media companies, and record labels to marketers. Could monetized, branded playlists be far behind?

Spotify Wants You To “Follow” Your Favorite Brands

Spotify is in talks with brands to create a version of its existing “follow” feature as a way for marketers to create branded playlists.

Spotify introduced the “follow” feature last year as a way for users to keep track of what their friends, favorite artists, and influencers are listening to.

Giving such a feature to marketers could bring new revenue to Spotify, while simultaneously allowing brands to push content, like branded playlists, that’s less intrusive than the frequent 15-second ads that puncture the listening experience for users. A “follow” feature for brands would also let them reach the more than 6 million premium users who currently pay a $10 monthly premium to skip ads altogether.

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