Meet Prsm, The Social Network That Will Share Your Purchases, Internet Searches, Emails, And Phone Calls

No ads. Unlimited storage. 320 million users (grandma, too). Major partners like AT&T, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Never forget to share another moment in your life again.

That’s the proposition behind, a social network that promises you’ll never have to worry about not sharing ever again–leave it to Prsm to share your purchases, Internet searches, email, phone calls, and more.

Of course, Prsm is a spoof poking fun at both the National Security Agency’s secret intelligence program, PRISM, and Web 2.0 startups’ penchant for leaving vowels out of their names (see: Tumblr, Flickr, Sqrrl). Try to sign up at the bottom of the page for an easter egg that will redirect you to a page on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website encouraging readers to take actions toward protecting their privacy.

[Image: Prsm]CC