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Rejoice! Twitter Returns To IFTTT After A Yearlong Hiatus

After a Twitter policy change last year blocked IFTTT from using tweets in its automated-Internet service, the two made up.

Rejoice! Twitter Returns To IFTTT After A Yearlong Hiatus

IFTTT, the online service that helps people connect their various online accounts, can automate tasks through simple commands it calls "recipes," like "Text me the weather every morning" and "Star a Gmail, send it to Evernote."

Today, IFTTT has reinstated Twitter for use in its recipes, nearly a year after the microblogging service made policy changes that revoked IFTTT's (and other third parties') access to tweets.

Now, IFTTT users will be able to implement recipes that incorporate Twitter, such as "See all your tweets in a Google Spreadsheet" and "Share the same links you post on Twitter to Tumblr." It's important to note you can only set up IFTTT's Twitter triggers as they correspond to your personal account.

Last year, when it lost Twitter privileges, CEO Linden Tibbets wrote:

At IFTTT, first and foremost, we want to empower anyone to create connections between literally anything. We’ve still got a long way to go, and to get there we need to make sure that the types of connections that IFTTT enables are aligned with how the original creators want their tools and services to be used.

As such, the Twitter reinstatement is a big win for IFTTT, as one of the last large social networks to come on board (again).