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Tech Leaders Ask: Can Social Media Combat Gun Violence?

To answer that question, the League of Young Voters Education Fund hosts a Google Hangout with angel investors and entrepreneurs.

Tech Leaders Ask: Can Social Media Combat Gun Violence?

A track off Snoop Lion's album Reincarnated, No Guns Allowed has inspired an anti-gun violence campaign of the same name. Hoping to inform youth voters about gun violence, the League of Young Voters Education Fund—an organization that has received support from Snoop himself as well as rapper T.I. and Congresswoman Maxine Waters—is hosting a Google Hangout today at 3:30 p.m. ET with leaders in the tech industry to discuss how digital and social media can help combat gun violence.

Though devoid of celebrities, the "No Guns Allowed" Hangout lineup includes angel investor Ron Conway; Jim Pitkow, chairman of the Technical Committee to Reduce Gun Violence and an entrepreneur whose startups have been acquired by Google, comScore, and Digimarc; Steve Philips, chairman of PAC+, a liberal super PAC that aims to drive Latinos and African Americans to the polls; Rahiel Tesfamariam, founder of progressive lifestyle publication Urban Cusp; and host Robert Baker, executive director of the League of Young Voters.

The organization held its first Hangout last month to discuss how gun violence is portrayed in the media. In 2010, gun violence killed 9,595 people, translating to 410,299 lost years, according to Periscopic, a project that tracks gun deaths.

[Image: Flickr user Lars Plougmann]