Social Media Editors: The Beatrix App Is Coming For Your Jobs

We’ve already told you how to spot a bot on social media. But what if you are the bot? With a new web service, you can be.

Beatrix, launching this month, promises to help you “become a social media rockstar within minutes.” It allows individuals or small businesses to choose several keywords that describe their topics of interest. Then, the algorithm (with the assistance of a few real live people) will generate a list of timely, on-topic links and publish them as social updates from your accounts on a predetermined schedule for the week.

While Buffer, a service with 800,000 users, allows for prescheduling of posts, Beatrix is the first self-driving car: a social media app that actually decides both WHEN to post and WHAT to post.

“Beatrix’s mission is to help you create the best content for your social channels in a frictionless way,” claims Beatrix’s site, and that is precisely the problem. Communication between human beings is supposed to include a little friction: That’s the grit of actual human discernment interposing between the finding of an idea or fact and the passing along of said idea or fact.

Why, oh why, in a world of overwhelming information smog, would you as an individual, business, or brand want to spam your friends and followers with links pre-chosen by a robot? The only possible answer could be: All of your friends and followers are spambots too.

[Image: Flickr user Mike Poresky]AK