18 Million People Are Using Nike+ To Track Their Fitness

At the end of a press release issued today about the 25th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign, Nike, our 2013 Most Innovative Company, mentioned in passing that its Nike+ “digital ecosystem” now has 18 million users. By way of comparison, Pinterest has 70 million, Etsy 25 million users, and Airbnb a reported 4 million. Other fitness devices/apps, such as the UP from Jawbone and Fitbit, haven’t released user figures.

The quantified self has officially gone mainstream, with so many people who own an iPod, iPhone, FuelBand, or SportWatch using the Nike+ fitness app to upload and track their exercise routines, and, if they’re particularly unconcerned about the opinions of others, automatically sharing their mileage with friends via Facebook and Twitter:

Nike’s “digital revolution,” according to Fast Company‘s interview with CEO Mark Parker, is likely to extend into more products and apps that gamify fitness and health through real-time feedback. With a user base of 18 million, they have a pretty good platform to build on.

[image: Nike]