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Unblocked Series: Table Of Contents

This is a detailed table of contents for our seven-part series, Unblocked: A Guide To Making Things People Love, by HowAboutWe Co-CEO and Head of Product Aaron Schildkrout

Unblocked Series: Table Of Contents

A Guide To Making Things People Love (Part 1)

The Theory And Practice Of Product Development

Where These Ideas Originated

10 Core Principles Of Product Development

A Map Of This Series

Two Quick Caveats

Other Things Worth Reading

Using Value Propositions To Build A Rigorous Product Roadmap (Part 2)

Defining The HowAboutWe Dating Value Propositions

Value Propositions Are The Central Hypothesis Of Your Company

Translating Your Value Propositions Into Product Imperatives

Roadmapping: What To Build And When

Engineering Flow: Planning For High-Velocity Sprints (Part 3)

The Four Principles Of Successful Engineering Processes

Planning the Sprint
Small Teams Are Best
The Two-Week Sprint Cycle
Stories Are The Heart Of Sprint Development
Behind The Scenes Of Effective Sprint Planning
Holding The Sprint Planning Meeting

Handling Story Review

Estimating The Cost Of Each Story

Facilitating High-Velocity Engineering Sprints (Part 4)


The Great Pairing Debate
Rotation And Avoiding Solo Ownership
Coordination Of Ownership And Deployment

Getting Code And Designs Ready For Quality Assurance

Deploying Approved Code And Designs

Conducting A Sprint Retrospective

90/10 Time

And That, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is Our Engineering Flow

Design Flow: Achieving Breakthrough Creativity And High Yield Production (Part 5)

Design Is Creativity And Production

Designers Make The Decisions
Design Matters More And More

Weekly Sprints And Sprint Planning Meetings

New Or Complex Projects Need Work Start Meetings

Closing Notes

Data Flow: Using Data to Constantly Improve (Part 6)

Everything Is A Test
Build Cheaply, Learn Quickly, And Keep At It
For Analytics, The Database Is King
Centralize Data
Like The Plague—Five Things To Avoid

Getting Better All The Time

Concluding Thoughts: Your Job Is to Make Wonderful Things (Part 7)

Reason Should Always Win

Constant Learning