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High School Students Debunk The Double Stuf Oreo

Inconceivable! Double Stuf Oreos only have 1.86 times the regular amount of creme filling, according to a few thrifty high school students. But Nabisco is standing by its stuf.

High School Students Debunk The Double Stuf Oreo

Given their name, you would assume Double Stuf Oreos offer twice the creme filling sandwiched between two cookies. Industrious high school students learned otherwise in a math class, finding Double Stuf actually is more like 1.86 times the stuf.

Dan Anderson, a high school teacher in upstate New York, thought measuring Oreos would be a fun hands-on activity to engage his struggling math students. Cookies and math make for a winning combination. The pupils took note of the cookies' heights and weights, deducting the weight of the wafers, and found Double Stuf Oreos have 1.86 times the filling that regular Oreos have, while Mega Stuf Oreos have 2.68 times the creme.

When ABC News reached out to Nabisco about the findings, a spokeswoman said: "While I’m not familiar with what was done in the classroom setting, I can confirm for you that our recipe for the Oreo Double Stuf Cookie has double the Stuf, or creme filling, when compared with our base, or original Oreo cookie."

Guess we'll have to do our own experiments to get to the bottom of this.

[Image: Flickr user pumpkinsoupsauce]