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Condé Nast Cuts Deal With Amazon To Turn Magazine Subscriptions Into An All-Access Business

Condé Nast president Bob Sauerberg says the publisher is shifting from selling print subscriptions to selling "access" to its content.

Condé Nast has struck a deal with Amazon that will give the Vogue, Vanity Fair, and New Yorker publisher access to 200 million potential new subscribers who are already spending money shopping on Amazon, according to a Reuters exclusive.

The deal, the first of its kind, will allow Condé Nast to offer print and digital subscriptions to its titles directly through Amazon, which will take a cut of the revenue. Going through Amazon allows Condé Nast to simplify its subscription process, which traditionally happens through direct mail and the insert cards tucked into magazines' print editions. Customers will be able to manage all aspects of their subscriptions within their Amazon accounts.

Condé Nast president Bob Sauerberg tells Reuters: "We want to go from selling print subscriptions to selling access to all our content." Selling both print and digital subscriptions through Amazon should help the publisher increase its number of digital readers, who currently comprise 4% of its subscribers base.

[Image: Flickr user Thomas Leuthard]

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