Location-Based Shopping Suggestion App Snapette Bought By PriceGrabber

Shopping is still a pretty old-fashioned affair, but PriceGrabber is trying to buy its way into the future with the acquisition of Snapette.

Location-Based Shopping Suggestion App Snapette Bought By PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber, which describes itself as a “leading distributed ecommerce platform and shopping site,” has revealed it’s just bought Snapette, a location-based shopping app that serves up fashion suggestions.

Snapette used to be a social network aimed at women, trying to encourage its users to share their best fashion finds. But in mid-2012 it pulled off a pivot and became a location-aware shopping app that delivered up data on nearby stores and sales of fashion products. Snapette says it’s partnered with over 200 top brands and retailers around the world, and it’s easy to see why: Anything that can increase foot traffic at stores could potentially lead to more buying. Snapette users benefit from learning quickly about sales and new items that may be of interest to them nearby, and also by receiving alerts about special events. About 1.5 million users are signed up.

PriceGrabber is likely to try to expand the reach of Snapette and leverage the app’s powers to partner with more retailers, and to attract more users–it’s a smart move as the world of fashion shopping is slowly evolving to cope with the smartphone revolution.

In an email to Fast Company, Snapette’s cofounder and president Sarah Paiji noted that PriceGrabber’s “strong online shopping presence is highly complementary to Snapette’s focus to-date on local shopping,” and pointed out that via the acquisition her company now has access to “PriceGrabber’s over 12,000 retailer partners.”

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