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Have A Home Full Of Gadgets? EBay Wants To Help You Keep Track Of Them

And of course, give you subtle nudges to sell them once in a while.

  • <p>Keep track of those dear, dear electronics.</p>
  • <p>Logging those gadgets? Ebay wants you to sell them someday.</p>
  • <p>Wading the sea of post-CES technology.</p>
  • <p>...And of course, eBay's happy when logging electronics leads to a new transactions.</p>
  • 01 /04 | Gadget Organizing

    Keep track of those dear, dear electronics.

  • 02 /04 | Pricing

    Logging those gadgets? Ebay wants you to sell them someday.

  • 03 /04 | Searching Gadgets

    Wading the sea of post-CES technology.

  • 04 /04 | Selling Electronics

    ...And of course, eBay's happy when logging electronics leads to a new transactions.

EBay is trying a new tack for attracting users who wouldn't otherwise use the site to sell products: lists of your personal possessions. The California auction giant just rolled out My Gadgets, a new feature that allows users to log and record the personal electronics they own. It feels like a stripped-down version of gadget logging site Gdgt, and that's basically what it is, except, with constant reminders mixed in of what your gadgets could sell for on eBay. There's a not-so-hidden message to customers there, of course, to sell their old electronics via eBay.

The app also automatically fills in users' inventory lists with every personal electronic device they've purchased on eBay. As is, it's simple and elegant, but it's also a feature on a website that's almost certainly intended to be a test drive for a later mobile app version. When that happens, it will be much more interesting.

[Image: Flickr user cytech]

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