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Microsoft's Project Spark Lets You Customize Your Games

Beta starts in October for a fully customizable game-maker program.

Microsoft's Project Spark Lets You Customize Your Games

Do you have a smile that could unleash a thousand warships? Thanks to the Project Spark game maker from Microsoft, now you can.

The program allows users to capture their facial expressions, gestures, and body motions using the Kinect, and bestow them on in-game characters. Or use the PC, Xbox One, or the Smartglass phone or tablet app to create entirely new game worlds. Turn your special dance move into a lethal attack or record cinematic "cut scenes," complete with recorded dialogue, then share the whole shebang for friends to play and edit. Register for the beta here.

It's hard to imagine a massive market for such a labor-intensive gaming experience, but there's a growing interest in game-making in niches like education. And initiatives like these help build the profile of Microsoft's entertainment division and the new Xbox One—the overall revenue for the division was up 8% in the fourth quarter.

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