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Your "Maker" Hobby Can Now Help Get You Into MIT

MIT adds a special section to its application for projects like computer programs, short films and potato cannons.

Your "Maker" Hobby Can Now Help Get You Into MIT

"Making," a term for hobbies and crafts comprising 3-D printing, laser-cutting, robots built with Arduino kits, or pretty much anything created with a Makey Makey, is coming of age. There are makerspaces opening up in schools and libraries across the country, and Maker Faires draw thousands of people.

Now, MIT is introducing a special section on its application for Maker Portfolios, in the name of encouraging driven high school kids to ditch their sixth AP class in favor of the FIRST Robotics competition. "We love creative people who enjoy making things," the official application reads.

Dr. Dawn Wendell, assistant director of admissions, has spoken at several Maker Faires and advocated for the Maker Portfolio idea. She said that MIT wants to attract students that are "already solving problems and building, playing, and creating, engaging in projects that they love doing."

[Image: Flickr user Skenmy]