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J.Crew Brings A Sneak Peek Of Its September Style Guide To Pinterest

The fashion brand's Pinterest page is the first of its media outlets to debut new looks from the September catalog.

J.Crew Brings A Sneak Peek Of Its September Style Guide To Pinterest

It's still solidly summer, but J.Crew is giving its Pinterest followers a cool, exclusive sneak peek at looks from its fall catalog, which isn't yet widely available.

The September Style Guide Pinterest board, which went up this morning, features all of the women's looks from the upcoming September fall catalog, which will hit on Wednesday and reach at-home subscribers throughout the week. The catalog looks featured on the new Pinterest board are traditionally reserved for the print lookbooks the company delivers to at-home subscribers. And because products won't be available for purchase until August 21, each pin lists the brand's Personal Stylist email and phone number so eager shoppers can put in pre-orders.

J.Crew has been making efforts to build out its social media presence on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, among other channels, but this is the first time it has ever shared exclusive content of this nature via social media, the company confirms.

[Image: J.Crew]

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