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Slurpees, Slim Jims, And Smartphones: 7-Eleven Is Selling Electronics

It started with discount TVs, now the convenience store chain is exploring the possibility of selling smartphones and tablets made by Apple supplier Foxconn.

Better known for high-trans-fat snacks, 7-Eleven stores in Asia have begun offering electronics. An initial test run sold 100,000 Internet-connected discount TVs in just six weeks. The devices were manufactured by the Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology group, which makes iPhones and iPads for Apple in China. The devices weren't actually stocked in stores, but sold through a retail kiosk and over the Internet.

Now the companies are looking to expand the partnership by selling smartphones and tablets, again branded by and sold through 7-Eleven. The electronics manufacturer has been public about its interest in diversifying its business beyond Apple, which accounts for 60% of its revenue, and it's been posting great profits lately.

[Image: Flickr user Ralph Hockens]