Hacker Group Re-creates Martin Manley’s Suicide Site After Yahoo Pulls It

A website put up by a sports writer who committed suicide in Kansas City last week has been taken down by Yahoo, on the grounds that it violated the firm’s Terms of Service. A mirror version of the site, however, has been put up by hacktivists claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous.

Martin Manley spent a year creating the website, which explains in detail his decision to commit suicide. He also paid for a five-year hosting deal with Yahoo. Manley’s sister, Barbie Flick, has already called on Yahoo to put the site online again.

“A cursory read will tell the reader that Martin was not advocating suicide for others,” she told Slate. “There is nothing offensive about his site. While it is painful for me, I believe that he handled the topic very appropriately. Since Martin did have a pre-paid contract with Yahoo for the next five years, I am pleading with Yahoo to either republish the site, or allow the family to have the files so that we can find another way to carry out Martin’s wishes.”

The mirror site contains a message from Anonymous and mentions the demise of Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide at the beginning of the year. The hacking group attacked government websites in protest at what it saw as being responsible for Swartz’s death.

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