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iWatch Rumors Tick Louder As Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Expert

Apple’s iWatch rumors just got a whole lot more interesting with the hire of a fitness expert who helped create Nike’s wearable FuelBand.

iWatch Rumors Tick Louder As Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Expert

Rumors about Apple’s interest in a smartwatch concept have circulated for a while, but have seemingly picked up pace this year with hints that Apple has created a 100-person team for the device, and was trademarking the name in different parts of the world.

Now, a new snippet of information seems to really confirm the rumors. Jay Blahnik, fitness expert/consultant/ex-Nike FuelBand key figure, has been hired by Apple–as reported by 9to5Mac.com.

Blahnik was a key consultant for several of Nike’s fitness products, including its popular FuelBand–a smart, sensor-packed wearable device that measures and reports fitness activities. He’s said to have consulted for Apple for a while, but is now working full-time at the tech firm. This suggests that when Tim Cook said the wrist was “interesting” to him in terms of wearable tech, he really was talking about a smartwatch. Several rumors over the last months have suggested Apple’s chief interest in the smartwatch concept is the fact it can be packed with sensors, and thus help keep users fit.

Smartwatches may become an unlikely battleground as part of the ongoing Great Tech War, with Samsung tipped to release its own “Gear” smartwatch on September 4th at the IFA show, just six days before Apple’s rumored iPhone event.

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