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Where Are They Now?

White-Hat Hacker Posts On Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Wall To Point Out Security Bug

After Khalil Shreateh couldn't get Facebook's attention with his report, the white-hat hacker took matters into his own hands and hacked the social media network founder's own page.

White-Hat Hacker Posts On Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Wall To Point Out Security Bug

Mark Zuckerberg had his Facebook wall hacked last week. The dirty perpetrator was a white-hat hacker from Palestine called Khalil Shreateh who, after noticing a security flaw that allowed other people to post on a Facebook user's wall, contacted Facebook via the usual channels. Anyone who points out the existence of holes or bugs can earn a reward.

The first time he did so, Facebook, ignored his email. After he resent details of the issue, the firm came back to him and told him that what he had found was not a bug. So he decided to get their attention another way, writing, "First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall , i has no other choice to make after all the reports i sent to Facebook team," followed by details of the bug.

Khalil's Facebook account was immediately disabled while the social network's engineers investigated. The bug, according to The Verge, could have been used to spam users of the Big Blue Book with malicious links. It has since been fixed, and Shreateh's account has been re-enabled. So, reward for Mr. Shreateh? I'm afraid not. His actions violated Facebook's Terms of Service, said one of the engineers on the firm's security team.

[Image: Flickr user Michael Cory]

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