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EasyJet Not So Easy After All: Scenes (And Tweets) From A Customer Service Fail

Fast Company Senior Editor Jason Feifer's hard day with easyJet highlights the power of social media, one airline's customer service problems, and how some employees really feel about working there.

It's no secret that social media has redefined customer service. Companies now have the ability to measure real-time customer response to products and services and promote their successes. Oh, but what's that? They've also lost the ability to hide their failures.

Because everybody is on Twitter.

Enter Fast Company Senior Editor Jason Feifer, who last Friday attempted to board a plane operated by British budget airline, easyJet.

When Feifer and his wife approached the security line with one extra bag in tow, well . . . we'll let the tweets do the talking:

As for getting that refund? easyJet unfollowed Feifer after his last tweet.

When asked for comment an easyJet representative said that they had read Feifer's Twitter page, but were confused about the sequence of events that transpired in Berlin. We'll update the post as we hear more.

[Image: Flickr user Christopher Doyle]