The Recommender: Margaret Rhodes, Fast Company’s Associate Editor

The Recommender: Margaret Rhodes, Fast Company’s Associate Editor

Name: Margaret Rhodes
Role at Fast Company: Associate Editor
Twitter: @callme_marge
Titillating fact: Margaret is from Austin, so she’s spent a lot of time on ranches. “As a kid I went to summer camp in West Texas–at a dude ranch. Which means I used to compete in kiddie rodeo games like barrel racing and goat tying, be really into Tim McGraw, and pronounce things like ‘kai-oat’ for coyote.”

Things she’s loving:

1. Awesome tattoo art
There’s a lot of beauty in tattoo culture, especially when it’s so steeped in tradition. These photographs of aging Arabic and Kurdish men and women show their Deq tattoos. The ink is made from human breast milk, lampblack (a black soot), and animal gall. The ink represents good fortune and offer symbolic protection. (And for some other tattoo fixations: Amanda Wachob, a New York-based artist, does mesmerizing work. And this recommends itself, but Lake Bell wearing her husband’s design in this week’s New York magazine made for a fantastic cover.)

2. Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”

This is a cheat, because it’s a week late. But every minute of this is smile-inducing. Performance art can be so polarizing, and for good reason. But I can’t raise my eyebrows at something that looks this fun.

3. Nathan W. Pyle’s info-comics

Here’s a great example of charming graphic design used to clarify a few things. Nathan W. Pyle’s info-comics are little like little cheat sheets to New York City–like how to navigate the East Village versus West Village (something I still can’t do well after three years here). Most respected GIF is #90: Who Should Sit In This Seat? Chivalry on the subway deserves to be celebrated.

Bonus entry: Carrot Facts’ Twitter feed:

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