10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Happiness Tips, Jobs Of The Future, And More

1. 10 Simple, Science-Backed Ways To Be Happier Today
Fast Company
Planning a trip is better than taking one, and other surprising facts about what makes us happy.

2. 8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025
“Corporate Disorganizer” and other titles you could one day see on a business card (if those even exist in the future).

3. Pangea Redrawn With Today’s Political Boundaries
If you think geopolitics is complicated today…

4. Emoji Major No. 1: The “Breaking Bad” Premiere
Introducing Zoe Mendelson, long-form emoji storyteller.

5. Can Good Graphic Design Help The Homeless?
“Many are not using their signs to make money at all. They’re using them as a voice, to reach out.”

6. What Font Is Your Beard? Use This Chart To Find Out
If you are deliberating on what font to use, why not let your beard decide?

7. 6 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Reframe Your Perspective
Fast Company
Perspective can be a powerful tool in how you engage with the world. These practices will net you a more positive and present experience.

8. The 25-Hour Work Week, And Other Radical Ideas For Better Employee Productivity
Fast Company
The movement has started for the 25-hour work week and greater employee independence. So far the data has shown it to be a tremendous success.

9. Science Explains What The State Of Your Desk Says About You
The case for being a hot mess. At your desk.

10. Woman In Tech Gets Tired Of Explaining Herself, Creates This Hilarious Slideshow
An irked computer science teacher created this slideshow to debunk all this sexist mathematical nonsense.

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