Nokia’s Hottest Rumor Yet: A 10-Inch Windows Tablet

Nokia keeps trying to revamp the company with its Lumia smartphones, but here’s a crazy new rumor that’s much more interesting.

Nokia’s Hottest Rumor Yet: A 10-Inch Windows Tablet

Sources say Nokia is planning to release a 10-inch tablet device that will run Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. It’s slated for release on September 26th, and it’s fascinating.

Why is it so fascinating? Simple: It shows Nokia has guts to keep fighting. The company’s battle to return to relevance in the smartphone market hasn’t been going well, especially since it decided to dump its own code efforts and align with Microsoft’s Windows mobile push with the Windows Phone 7 and 8 OSs. Even with a considerable effort to create apps for the platform, and to inject some serious photography skills into its Lumia smartphones, Nokia’s not capturing enough of the smartphone market at a quick enough pace to achieve success.

But a tablet from Nokia may be a different thing altogether. Combining the company’s high-design expertise and Microsoft’s operating system could result in a Windows-capable tablet that consumers and business customers like. The rumored specs, with a 10.1-inch display, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, and LTE support sound promising, and a leaked photo suggests Nokia is trying to upset the (generally) boring-color tablet market.

The two limiting factors are big though. First MS has itself admitted it’s made mistakes with Windows RT and its RT-supporting Surface tablet–mistakes that cost the company $900 million. Secondly, the price has to be right. For Nokia to make a big impact in a scene dominated by Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy, and Google’s Nexus 7 device, the price of a Nokia tablet has to be attractively low.

[Image via Flickr user: Kiwi Flickr]

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