Free Your Mind And Your Apps Will Follow: This Week’s Best (Free!) iPhone And Android Apps

What’s better than free apps on a Friday? Not much. So whether you’re in the mood to get more organized or just have some fun, check out this list of free apps to end your week in style.

If you’re looking to start journaling, brush up on your logic and spatial reason, or are just in the mood for a quick laugh, we’ve got you covered. Just like last week, here are a few free apps to start your weekend off right. As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last.


Journalized (iOS)

Do you have five minutes a day to become more productive? If your answer is yes, but you don’t like the idea of lugging around a notebook all day, look no further. This digital pocket journal allows you to organize short text, photo, and video entries by calendar view, and even share with social media (only if you want). Oh, and if you think you’ll lose the habit quickly, don’t worry: Journalized will remind you if you’ve been too distant.

Bézier (iOS)

Got some time to kill? Play a game! Bézier is a physics-based game that challenges users to design their own solutions to various scenarios. It’s also simple and stylish, which ain’t that bad either.

This app is free for a limited time in the Apple App Store, but costs $1.49 in Google Play.

Best of Vine (Android)


You’re either probably on Vine or are obsessively watching Vines. But let’s be honest–it’s really, really hard to find top-quality Vines. So download Best of Vine if you don’t want to miss out on gems like this:

JuiceDefender (Android)

Your phone just died because you had 15 applications running in the background–and you weren’t using any of them. JuiceDefender lets you control all the battery-draining aspects of your phone in one easy-to-use space, so you can get the most time for your charge.

Foxit Mobile PDF (iOS)

Opening a PDF on your iPhone can be a total hassle. Foxit hopes to change that with easy access to downloaded files and the super convenient ability to annotate and sign PDFs on the go.

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