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Lenovo Sells More Tablets And Phones Than PCs, And That's Important

Lenovo is the world's biggest PC vendor, so how come it sells way more tablets and smartphones?

Lenovo posted its first quarter finances, and they sound great: Profits of $170 million were earned on a record-busting $8.8 billion in sales. But while Lenovo is the top-selling PC maker in the world, its finances confirm that combined sales of tablets and smartphones overtook its PC sales in the last quarter.

Don't ring the death knell for the PC yet though, because Lenovo's PC sales actually grew for the 17th consecutive quarter. This means the end of the PC is quite a way off yet. But the fact that accelerating sales of mobile devices beat traditional PCs is hugely important. It means PCs are a significantly less relevant tech than their rivals. This reflects a dramatic change in the way that people use computers, because a smartphone and a tablet really are just small, portable, powerful computers that in many cases sport tech that traditional PCs lack.

We knew our world was going mobile anyway, but Lenovo's data just confirmed it for us.

[Image via Flickr user: Taka@P.P.R.S.]

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