What People Hate About The Most Popular Fitness Trackers

Fixya’s Fitness Band Report examines the gripes consumers have with the Nike FuelBand, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up, and other popular fitness trackers.

What People Hate About The Most Popular Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers might be all the rage these days, but consumers have some big complaints, from battery life to comfort. Compiling their gripes in a report, Q&A site Fixya examined the troubleshooting requests of its users regarding the Fitbit Flex, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up, BodyMedia Fit Link, and the Basis B1 band.


Top 5 Fitbit Flex issues

  1. Lack of altimeter – 25%
  2. Inefficient data – 25%
  3. Proprietary charger – 20%
  4. Simple LED display – 15%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 Nike+ FuelBand issues

  1. Inefficient data – 25%
  2. No manual data entry – 20%
  3. No sleep features – 20%
  4. Water-resistant, not waterproof – 20%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 Jawbone Up issues

  1. Inconsistent battery life – 40%
  2. Requires replacement – 20%
  3. Syncing issues – 15%
  4. Proprietary charger – 15%
  5. Other – 10%

Top 5 Basis B1 issues

  1. Heart rate data when exercising – 25%
  2. Wrist discomfort – 20%
  3. No food entry system – 20%
  4. No wake-up alarm – 20%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 BodyMedia Fit Link issues

  1. Data subscription – 30%
  2. Water-resistant, not waterproof – 25%
  3. Hard to sleep with – 20%
  4. Slightly uncomfortable around arm – 15%
  5. Other – 10%

Using this data, Fixya has awarded each of the trackers different distinctions based on their strengths and market appeal. Named best overall, the Basis B1 band received high marks for its form factor and number of sensors, including one that measures perspiration. Despite complaints from users about paying for a data subscription, the BodyMedia Fit Link, the only tracker of the bunch classified by the FDA as a medical device, is awarded for offering the most comprehensive data. The Fitbit Flex is considered the best option for beginners because of how simple it is to log activity and sleep data. The Nike FuelBand, meanwhile, is awarded for having best online community. Lastly, the Jawbone Up earns the distinction of being most frustrating to use, largely because of battery issues, Fixya users report.

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