Startup People Have Tons Of Stickers On Their Laptops

Laptop stickers. To some, they’re about collecting reminders of favorite startups, beloved video game characters, and conferences attended. To others, adorning the lid of one’s laptop with adhesive-bound imagery is a way of injecting some identity into an otherwise bland surface. Whatever the motivation may be, collecting laptop stickers is an undeniable part of geek culture.

We like to think of the decorated laptop lid as a form of storytelling, as scattered as its narrative may be. Where has this person been? What online services do they use and love the most? What motivates them? Are they making a political statement? Details like this reveal so much more about a person than whether or not there’s a glowing, Apple-shaped logo on their computer.

Last week, Dennis Crowley of Foursquare posted a picture of his old, sticker-covered laptop to Instagram.

Inspired by Crowley’s photo, and in celebration of this geeky tradition, we reached out to some of our favorite people in the tech world and asked them to send us pictures of their own stickered-up laptops. Ranging from cluttered, seemingly random piles of logos to minimalist, playful twists on the Apple laptop glow, the photos speak volumes about the people on the other side of the screens.

We’re always on the lookout for more cool laptop cover photos. Tweet yours to @fastcolabs. We’ll feature the best ones every week or so, along with some personal thoughts from the owner.

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