“The Shazam for Wine” Lets You Buy Vino By Snapping Its Label

As is often the case with alcohol, a wine you enjoy today might not be remembered tomorrow. Considered the Shazam for wine, Drync launched Tuesday with a wine discovery and e-commerce app that lets users buy vino by snapping a photo of the label or searching by name.

“Amazon has trained us to impulsively buy things online that we experience in the real world,” Drync CEO Brad Rosen told Fast Company. “Drync brings that same convenience to wine, where finding the exact wine you drank last night at dinner can be very difficult if not impossible.”

Despite the number of wine options available, “only the largest brands make it to your local retailer,” Rosen added. The company, which has raised $900,000 from angel investors to expand fulfillment and marketing, offers 30,000 wines that can be shipped to customers in 41 states.

The image recognition on its iOS app works with wine bottle labels, as well as advertisements in magazines, billboards, and computer screens. Users can also save their own tasting notes and ratings, which can be kept private or shared with the greater community. In a later update, Drync intends to add personalized wine recommendations.

“With this model, we can greatly expand consumer choice and fundamentally change the way people discover and buy wine,” Rosen said.AT